Beer style Farmhouse ale / saison
Fermentables Pale ale malt, malted rye, wheat, Munich malt, sugar
Hops Goldings, Saaz
Yeast Danstar Belle Saison, White Labs WLP650 Brettanomyces Bruxellensis
Alc/vol 6.9%
IBU 32
Original Gravity 1.057
Finishing Gravity 1.006
Available in 330ml bottle, keg
Brewer’s Notes
This “Lincolnshire farmhouse ale” is a strong golden Belgian-style saison brewed with pale malt from Lincolnshire. The mixed fermentation with brettanomyces delivers a crisp, refreshing beer with complex yeast-driven aromas and firm bitterness from generous late hopping. Delicious drunk fresh, but will develop in interesting ways if allowed to age for a few months. Pairs very well with good cheese, bread and meat.
Flatlander label