teku palletWe are an award-winning 1.5BBL microbrewery founded in 2014 and run by Jon & Emma Rowett in North Thoresby, a village at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds, close to the towns of Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Louth. We brew bold and tasty beers drawing inspiration from the UK, Belgium, and the United States. Whether we’re making saisons, cask bitters or double IPAs, we pay close attention to quality ingredients and sound brewing processes. We like to do fun things with oak barrel ageing, mixed fermentations, and massive amounts of whirlpool hopping.

We don’t like beers to be labelled with sexist bollocks, nationalist bollocks, horrible clip art, or pictures of drunk farmyard animals. This is why we work with great local artists such as Sonia Whitehead and Maxim Peter Griffin.